Quality assurance


We control bearings’ quality from steel, spare parts, heat treatment, grinding, assembly to finished products on full process. Besides that we use designated raw material.

1:Sampling inspect raw material;

2:Full process inspect forging parts .

3:Fully inspect raceway of turning parts

4:Fully inspect appearance dimension of turning parts

5:Heat treatment in-process inspection by batch

6:Fully inspect grinding dimension in-process ; 

7:Fully inspect super-finished raceway;

8:Sampling inspect steel balls, cages,seals, grease by batch

9:Fully inspect dimension before assembly;

10:Fully inspect clearance,noise of finished products in process;

11:Sampling inspect finished products warehouse- out by batch.;

12: Continuous cooling grinding and ultrasonic cleaning on full process:(sampling inspection)

We give quality guarantee of 1 year under normal working conditions. Only if it is failed caused by bearing quality in a year, WWI would like to replace the failed bearing with new bearing one to one.