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Our primary objective is always to offer our clients a serious and responsible small business relationship, offering personalized attention to all of them for Good Quality Bearings , Agricultural Machinery Bearings , Products , We acquire good quality as the foundation of our success. Thus, we focus around the manufacture of the best excellent items. A strict excellent management system has been created to make certain the caliber of the solutions.
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We believe in: Innovation is our soul and spirit. Excellent is our life. Shopper need to have is our God for Manufacturing Companies for 6206RZ1 Motor bearings to Spain Manufacturers, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Jamaica , Florida , America , To keep the leading position in our industry, we never stop challenging the limitation in all aspects to create the ideal products. In his way, We can enrich our life style and promote a better living environment for the global community.

  • This Video Provides Instrucion on Work Holding Set Up for Milling Operations – Basic Tutorial – SMITHY GRANITE 3-in-1

    “The selection of a work holding tool is a very important part of milling. If there is a failure in a milling operation, nine chances out of ten, the failure was due to the work being pushed out of it’s position by the force of the cutting tool, or the work piece flexed because it was not properly supported. All of the work holding tools installed on the milling table are held in position with the help of the table’s t-slots. It’s important to keep the table and the t-slots clean and free from any burrs, nicks, or rust.

    Check out Smithy Industries Youtube Channel to find other training videos about machine tool operation, set up and maintenance.

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    Dave Weiss worked as the Service Manager at Smithy for over 20 years. Dave is now retired, but he still maintains his status as “The World”s Expert on Bench Top Machine Metal Tools”.

    He is coming into the shop a couple days a week to put his experience on video. That way you’ll have it for your help and assistance as a Smithy Owner.

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    The machine that Dave is using for demonstration purposes is the Granite MAX 1324. This lathe-mill-drill combo machine sets the standard for premium quality bench top machine tools.

    Putting a combination machine tool in your shop allows you to have the capabilities of a small machine shop without sacrificing too much floor space.

    The Granite 3-in-1 “big machine” features and premium quality is comparable to other larger, more expensive machine tools. PLUS, you’ll have three machines in one.

    Nearly 30,000 Smithy machines are working hard every day in shops across North America. This fact let’s you know that Smithy machines do set the standard for quality.

    Smithy website homepage:

    Granite Lathe Mill Drill Product page:

    Please call us at 800-476-4849 to discuss your application needs


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    Granite – Quality, Precision, and Reliability Are Built-In.
    Premium Bench Top Machine Tool

    America’s #1 – for over 25 years.

    PRECISION: Compares to more expensive tools.
    BALANCE: Easy change over for different operations.
    FEATURES: Pro features help you work faster.
    MASS: Heavy castings add more precision.
    RELIABILITY: Designed and built for a lifetime of work.

    As Close As You’ll Get to American Made

    1) US Developed and Designed: The Granite Machine was designed by our engineers in Ann Arbor, Michigan based on machine user requests.

    2) Precision is far higher than other 3-in-1 knock-offs: All components are machined to tighter specs, bearings are much higher grade, and the basic design is initially higher precision.

    3) Higher Quality Production: Smithy employees oversee the production and quality control process at our sister factory of more than 25 years. No other seller can make that claim.

    4) Superior Features: No machine out there can match the speed and accuracy with which you can accomplish your machining tasks on a Granite machine. Other 3-in-1 combo tools on the market are NOT EVEN in the same category for quality as the Smithy line of machine tools.

    “A machine vise is by far the easiest way to hold small parts for milling and drilling. There are many different styles of vises. This is a plane-milling vise. Parts should be set as deep into the jaws as possible. If the part has to be high on the jaws, to give clearance for machining, it should have full support. Here we are using a set of parallels to raise the work and provide support against the downward force of the cutting tool. Adjustable vises are helpful in holding parts that have to be machined at an angle. Work that is mounted directly on the milling table can be held in place with t-nuts, threaded studs, and strap clamps. The strap clamp should always be parallel to the table, with the stud and nut as close to the work piece as possible. The outer ends of these clamps are supported with step blocks. There are many other tools used in conjunction with strap clamps to hold work. Here, V-blocks and strap clamps are being used to hold round stock on the table. ”

    “Slotted angle plates are used in setups when the piece being machined needs to be held at a true ninety degree angle to the table. These plates are heavy and are made in a number of sizes. Work can be clamped or bolted onto the angle plate.”

    Here is the mystery Water Wheel Industrial Ball Bearing Clock. It comes with an 8 day movement, not 30 hour or 4 day. It runs fully 8 days and keeps very good time!! This water wheel industrial clock has a big paddle wheel on the right side which hold a a set of small steel ball bearings. The weight of these balls is propelling the clock. Please note the time shows a thin glass dial with Roman numerals. Every 60 seconds, a small ball drops down from the water wheel onto the track where the steel ball rolls to the left side. The bucket catches the ball and move it up one by one. Every 60 seconds, a ball bearing drops from the left bucket on the channel to the waterwheel. Then the bucket drops down and go around to catch another ball bearing. The loops goes on as the clock keeps on running. The buckets chain is made of brass and nicely done, unlike other cheap imitations with ugly soldering spots. The power is received from an 8 day fusee movement inside the SOLID ROSEWOOD base, which has beautiful Red Ash veneer. And the clock has a pendulum on the back to regulate the timing. The whole animation of this clock is just like a waterwheel except it’s ball bearing “flowing” through channels and there is a clock on the big water wheel. The clock is protected by a glass dome. It measure 17-3/4″ tall, 17-3/4″ wide, and 8-3/4″ deep including the glass dome. The original one is made in 1971 by Peter Bonnert. This is a clock that usually sell over several thousand dollars and the old one costs you an arm and leg. And you probably don’t even see anything similar in your local clock store.

    Production management mechanism is completed, quality is guaranteed, high credibility and service let the cooperation is easy, perfect!
    5 Stars By Brook from Nigeria - 2015.10.01 14:14
    Superb technology, perfect after-sales service and efficient work efficiency, we think this is our best choice.
    5 Stars By Rosalind from Danish - 2015.06.12 16:22
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