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  • Post time: 11-05-2018

    One of our Pakistan customer came to visit our plant in May. We had a detail communication about our strategical cooperation.After times of confirmation, finally about ten million RMB valued contract was signed in October. Now we are arranging production for the first batch of delivery in end of ...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: 11-05-2018

    One of our Italy customer which is involved in industrial business line, reduction gear, agriculture, transmission and driving system OEM audited our Huangshan plant in April, and our company finished the the corrective action plan completely in September. From October 2018, we started our projec...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: 03-18-2018

    1. The deep groove ball bearing USES the high limit speed, the axial load bearing capacity is relatively large, the radial load bearing capacity is relatively small; 2. The roller bearing USES the limit speed without deep groove ball bearing height, and can not bear axial load, but the radial loa...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • WWI bearings for military and civil aerospace engines
    Post time: 11-14-2017

    After test it is finally verified that WWI ion implemented bearings can improve working life from 120 hours to 500 hours. An aerodynamic equipment company used SKF bearings before for military and civil aerospace engines, but the problem is its working life can only reach 120 hours ~150 hours. WW...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • WWI improved hard working life from 300 hours to 3000 hours
    Post time: 08-28-2017

    WWI independent research and developed ion implemented technology has been put into production at nearly full capacity. Yes, it is too welcomed by market. Its imporoved super long life has been verified firstly by our refrigerant recovery machine customer. The customer used SKF bearings before. I...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: 07-28-2017

    WWI bearings new heat treatment factory in Huangshan Plant is well established and now new heat treatment equipments are incoming. It is a salt quenching line which adopts Austria Vienna Aichelin heat treatment technology. WWI bearings control bearings quality from raw material, heat treatment,...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Lub Absolute Beginner txoj kev qhia rau Google Analytics
    Post lub sij hawm: 08-10-2015

    Yog hais tias koj tsis paub dab tsi Google Analytics yog, tsis tau ntsia nws rau ntawm koj lub website, los yog tau ntsia nws, tiam sis yeej tsis tau saib koj cov ntaub ntawv, ces cov ncej no yog rau koj. Thaum nws yog ib qho nyuaj rau ntau rau cov ntseeg, muaj cov tseem websites uas tsis siv Google Analytics (los yog tej analytics, rau ...Nyeem ntxiv »